Petites Pommes offers pool floats and summer essentials for children and style-conscious adults. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have Scandinavian design traditions in our DNA.
All Petites Pommes products come in a colour palette carefully put together to be equally appealing to children and adults. Our timeless designs are inspired by vintage stripes and classic beach fashion updated with a modern twist to last season after season. Each item is delivered in a custom Petites Pommes cotton dust bag for convenient storage. A Petites Pommes float is an effortless stylish summer accessory that doesn’t need to be hidden away when guests arrive. 
We believe that childhood summer memories are most blissfully created during laughter-filled, never-ending days under the sun. No big logos, flamingos, or neon colours need to be added. All our products are CE marked and live up to the highest of EU standards for children's products.