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"it must be possible to make a quality-float!"

With a shared passion for iconic design and an eye for beauty, Petites Pommes’ founders developed and launched their very first float in 2019. Since then, their colourful stripes have evolved into a distinctive range of premium-quality floats that subtly accentuates joyful moments at the beach and in the pool.

It all began when founders Celine and Anna got the idea of making an aesthetically appealing, long-lasting float inspired by childhood memories. A simple quest for beautiful design and good quality for their own daughters sparked their curiosity when they could only find generic designs that would break after just a week of holidays.

“Our desire to ignite happiness and accent memorable moments goes beyond our love for colour and design. From day one, we have strived to be thoughtful in every aspect. Respect is a key ingredient; respect for our partners, customers, and the environment, and always with the attention to detail - never compromising quality and safety”.

“We understand the impact we have on nature, which is why our products have a timeless and durable design that can last season after season. We are constantly looking for new ways and materials through which we can minimise and improve our impact, while still allowing us to make products that will help set the scene for beautiful and happy memories”.

Explore our SS22 moodboard here.


A Petites Pommes float is not intended to be the centre of attention, but rather to spark a feeling of joy, allowing you to enjoy your time to the fullest. Though our contribution may be humble, subtly enhancing those happy moments - alone or with loved ones - is all we wish to achieve.



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